Title:China"s bathroom development strides forward Quality and service progress

The continuous maturation of the sanitary ware industry and the continuous penetration of the market have led more and more people to start access to bathroom products. The health habits of the Chinese people are slowly being changed, and the low-end market of sanitary ware has become a force that cannot be ignored. After more than two decades of development, the low-end sanitary ware market in China is gradually becoming saturated. In the increasingly competitive environment, sanitary ware companies will face more pressure in the future, and mergers and bankruptcies will become potential threats.


Overview of the current status of the sanitary market in China

The low-end sanitary ware market in China is full of many domestic companies, mainly Foshan in Guangdong, Nanping in Fujian, and Tangshan in Hebei. The number of companies in these three regions has reached more than 1,000, indicating that the domestic market is low-end. The competition is really too hot. So what kind of phenomenon is behind this kind of competition? Is this kind of competition conducive to the development of the low-end market?

The low-end market in China sanitary wares is already over-saturated. If we do not conduct an industry plan, then in the future, it can be said that there will be a large number of small companies forced to go bankrupt or suffer mergers with other large companies because a market is limited, so it is impossible. Integrate into too many businesses. In this situation, you squeeze me, I squeeze you, and the companies with poor strength will surely disappear in the market. Therefore, the future of oversaturation is the result of the collapse of a large number of enterprises. In order to change the current poor phenomenon in the low-end market, we must rely on the relevant departments to guide the transition of small and medium-sized SMEs that are not well-equipped, or to withdraw from the bathroom market to attack other industries.

The sanitary low-end market needs planning and guidance in the future

A typical characteristic of China low-end market is that it depends on price competition. That is to say, everyone is not a product of quality and service, but rather than the product price, the lower the price, the greater the advantage in the low-end market. Because the phenomenon of excessive price competition makes low-end sanitary ware companies get less and less profits, disorderly competition will eventually destroy low-end market companies. * If there is a major crisis in the whole low-end market, it will give foreign companies a major opportunity. If foreign companies take advantage of the opportunity to start acquisition stations to annex small-scale Chinese companies, then rectification or auction will make China low-end market quickly occupied by them. . Then the entire domestic sanitary ware company will show signs of collapse, and foreign companies, especially German giants, will have a smoother road to dominance in China.

The future of China low-end sanitary ware market is very bleak. If the industry does not have a leading organization to make practical plans and guidelines, it will be all businesses in the industry if prices do not need to compete. In fact, why is there such a pattern of random competition? It is because the pace of development of Chinese companies is too rapid, so they do not focus on quality and service. They want to make a foreboding on prices, but their profits are shrinking. Only reform and planning are the ways to save China low-end market.

A total of quality and service progress, China sanitary development strides

The share of China sanitary ware in the low-end market is huge. In recent years, the high-end sanitary ware industry has risen. The development of blue and white porcelain sanitary ware, ceramic sanitary ware, and intelligent sanitary ware has promoted independent innovation in the Chinese sanitary ware industry. Among them, whether it is the low-end market or in the high-end market, bathroom product quality is basic, product service is the key, grasp these two points, the development of China sanitary ware will usher in a new situation.


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