Musk Sanitary ware in the service commitment to the concept of globalization, has been seeking to provide customers with 100 percent satisfaction, professional service team from the regular training assessment, technical staff, and a sound after-sales service system. Maybe you are a professional designer, perhaps you are the procurement director of the engineering department, perhaps you have just come into contact with Musk Sanitary Ware purchase new, whether you have to understand Musk Sanitary Ware brand and products, for your questions, we are here List the common problems of Musk Sanitary Ware service guarantee and look forward to serving you.

One, the service concept:
Customer-centric, anxious customers anxious, worry about the customer's worries.
Products, services integration, sales of products is the sales service.
Where is the customer, where is our service?
Two, the awareness of customer service
1, the purpose of the service: to provide high-quality services, to maximize sales.
Pre-sale services: product advice, product promotion, bathroom design, water and electricity guidance.
Sale services: delivery, product installation, product commissioning, the use of maintenance guidance.
After-sales service: product maintenance, information collection feedback, customer satisfaction and so on.
2, the importance of service:
To ensure the final completion of product sales;
Feedback product and service information, promote product improvement, innovation;
Enhance communication with customers, and strive for customer trust and security;
Establish a good reputation, promote the second sale and relationship source;
The inevitable requirement of sustainable development of enterprises.
3, quality service: reliable products, comfortable environment, professional image, standard etiquette, warm and thoughtful, rapid response, the details of concern.
Three,the service commitment:
(1) in strict accordance with the maintenance procedures and maintenance procedures to ensure the quality of maintenance.
(2) strict quality control parts, to eliminate the use of counterfeit accessories and spare parts.
(3) 24-hour service hotline on duty, within 24 hours to respond. Maintenance workshop and the reception reception holidays do not rest, to ensure that users follow the repair; the establishment of maintenance system; timely establishment of the repair team, at any time to reach the scene repair.
(4) charges the strict implementation of the Municipal Price Bureau and my company maintenance fees, do not exaggerate the failure to put an end to arbitrary charges.
(5) foreign customers to determine the remote fault, technical failure to answer, need to quickly handle postal accessories. Foreign customers to repair their own will be expedited for your machine troubleshooting, and strive to complete the same day maintenance.
(6) by the center of the maintenance of the machine will be implemented warranty, the warranty period of 3 months, during the warranty period as a result of maintenance or replacement of parts quality problems, the center responsible for the repair.
(7) the establishment of a return visit system: the company regularly repaired the use of the machine and the quality of my company's service situation to the United States solution to the user satisfaction survey, the establishment of user satisfaction survey.
(8) to the customer announced our supervision of the phone, welcome customers and relevant departments to supervise our service work.

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