Title:Property market regulation will bring fluctuations to the sanitary ware industry

With the promulgation of the property market regulation and control policy, the process of domestic urbanization has been accelerating, the urban economy has been developing rapidly, and housing has been delivered in batches, and the living standards and spending power of urban residents have also rapidly increased. It is expected that the domestic sanitary ware market will usher in a development. In the golden age, not only has brought new development opportunities for Shanghai&#39s construction and building materials industry, it has also contributed to the transformation and upgrading of the sanitary ware industry and brought more room for development to the sanitary ware industry. China&#39s sanitary ware industry has developed rapidly and has grown in strength. The sanitary ware market has begun to take shape. China&#39s sanitary ware industry market demand and investment advisory report shows that after more than 20 years of development, China has become the world leader in the production of sanitary ware products and has formed a number of influential ethnic bathroom brands. At the same time, the transfer of sanitary ware manufacturing bases from developed countries to China has led to an increase in the overall technical level and management level of China&#39s sanitary ware industry and Shanghai building and building materials industry, and to a certain extent, improved the cultivation of consumers, in order to promote the rapid development of the entire industry. Development and growth have made effective pave and support. The globalized and professional division of labor cooperation system has provided a good market opportunity for sanitary ware in China, which is conducive to the participation of Chinese sanitary wares in the development and competition of sanitary ware in the world at a higher level.


The sanitary ware industry market survey and analysis report predicts that the demand for global sanitary ware market will increase by nearly 6 percentage points from 2015 to 2018, and the countries with the most growth expected in the next few years will center around Bolivia (16.8%) and Bangladesh (16.4%). Among countries such as Jordan, (14.6%), Vietnam (8.6%), and China (8.1%), these countries are considered to be the countries most likely to show substantial growth in the next few years, and the prospects are very impressive. The sanitary ware market in China still has a lot of room for development in a globally competitive market. Major industries including Shanghai&#39s building and building materials industry need to continue to advance and develop in innovation, technology, and other aspects.


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